Downloadable Materials

Tools needed for play

This is a hacked copy of DCC RPG with Anomalous Subsurface Environment classes, weapons and other modifications integrated into the document. All of the artwork has been deleted, so if you want the pretty version of DCC RPG then I highly encourage everyone to buy a copy at

Play Aids There’s a ton of freely available play aids created by the DCC community, here’s a sampling:

2-page ‘How to Play’ cheatsheet
0-level cheatsheet
Mighty Deeds Reference Sheet
Spell Reference Sheet
Class Reference Cards

Purple Sorcerer’s Tools: A bunch of awesome resources for quickly generating characters, looking up rules, generating spell lists, etc.
Crawler’s Companion A rule lookup tool and dice roller. Web based and phone apps
Sorcerer’s Grimoire Generate your cleric, wizard or elf’s spells so you don’t have to look them up in the book each time.
Mercurial Magic Generator Quickly figure out what kind of mercurial magic affects apply to your wizard’s spells.

Downloadable Materials

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