Create Characters.

At the start of the campaign you will create four randomly generated 0-level characters. Use the 0-level generator from Purple Sorcerer Games and make sure to change the occupation source to “Anamolous Subsurface (Wetmore).” This will generate occupations appropriate to the Land of 1,000 Towers. Leave all of the other options at their defaults, output the characters to a PDF, convert it into a JPG or PNG and post it into the game thread on the RPGCodex [THIS LINK WILL UPDATE WHEN THE GAME LAUNCHES].

If more than one character survives the “funnel” they can be held in reserve and/or rotated into play as your active character.

For Play-by-Post

Roll them bones:

The game uses the dice rolling tool at Register an account and join game id: 397

Post your character

After the character funnel, fill out a ‘character’ form for your survivors. At minimum include basic crunch, like attributes, special abilities, Armor Class, saving throw bonuses, attack modifiers, weapons, etc. Some fluff like appearance, history and personality are purely optional, but might be helpful.

Guidelines for Posting

  • In the game thread try to post in-character whenever possible.
  • Highlight spoken words in a different color for legibility
  • Wrap out of character questions or other chatter in spoiler tags; e.g. [spoiler=OOC]ABC123[/spoiler]

For a Virtual Tabletop Game

Online games will be handled via Roll20 if/when the time comes. In addition, Google hangouts is used for voice and communication; a microphone is required, but a webcam is not necessary.

Connection details and schedule will be provided if/when necessary through E-mail.


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