Gods and Cults

Law, Chaos and Neutrality

In the Land of 1,000 Towers the great cosmic struggle between Law, Neutrality and Chaos isn’t a battle between good and evil, or light and shadow. Instead, the struggle here is between three distinct forces: super-science, magic and nature: Law is embodied by high-technology and the super-science of the Old World. Chaos is anything pertaining to magic and wizardry — forces that break the laws of physics and nature. Lastly, Neutrality isn’t so much a force unto itself as it is an indifferent point between extremes. Although there are rare philosophers and individuals who dedicate themselves to opposing the extremes of super-science and magic who are champions of Neutrality.

Player Character Alignment:
Rule Zero: Alignment is not your personality

All characters start the game “Neutral.” This doesn’t mean you can’t be good, bad, selfish, or kindly, it’s just that none of it actually matters with respect to your character’s alignment. By far, the vast majority of creatures in the multiverse are Neutral. To become chaotic or lawful requires deliberate action. Chaotic characters are those who dabble in arcane knowledge or attempt to harness the power of magic to achieve their ends. Lawful characters are anyone who has embraced or endured cybernetic enhancements as a means to power or knowledge. — When you start to add cybernetic enhancements you will become more robotic and if you cast magical spells or wield magical artifacts you will eventually suffer corruption. Pure Law and Chaos can be thought of as a distortion of the platonic ideal of nature and frequently manifests as a form of madness: Mania and psychosis for the chaotic and rigidity and autism for the lawful.

note: Wizards and Elves who use high-tech devices and Scientists or Robots who dabble with the arcane run the risk of spoiling their abilities; e.g. a wizard who gets a robotic arm implanted increases the chance for a spell misfire, similarly a Scientist who uses magical items or reads a wizards scroll can permanently damage his implants or lose his memory (i.e. experience points loss).

The three sorts of religions in Denethix:

The Nitty Gritty
If you can imagine a god or goddess, then he/she/it exists in the Land of One Thousand Towers. If you can’t imagine it then take a look at Petty Gods. It’s a free gaming supplement with hundreds of godlings covering every vice, niche and angle you can think of (and a few you won’t). Not all of the gods in this publication are important enough or engaged enough to manifest via the God’s Eyes of Temple Street, but one way or another they all have a presence in the world. Pick none, one or several to be a patron deity — the choice is yours.

  • The Sky Gods Neutrality
    Otherwise known as the Gods of the Fast Stars or Orbital Gods are a pantheistic collection of hundreds of disparate deities who routinely manifest themselves in the “God’s Eyes” — large or small panels of floating glass suspended from the walls and ceilings of the various shrines of Temple Street and the massive twenty feet tall God’s Eye of the Grand Temple.

Most of the Sky Gods seem selfish and capricious; their motives inscrutable to the minds of men. Thank goodness then for their faithful servants the priests and clerics to help properly interpret their dictates and decrees.

Clerics in service to the Sky Gods dedicate themselves to an individual god, but there are times when they might be required by their god to give aid to another cult.

  • The Church of Starry Wisdom Chaos
    Servants of the Crawling Chaos, personified by the soul and messenger of the Outer Gods Nyarlathotep. This cult keeps a low profile in Denethix but does maintain a presence on Temple Street. The Church does not have priests or clerics per se. Instead its devotees seek power through arcane knowledge and count many powerful sorcerers amongst their numbers.
  • The Temple of Science! Law
    They believe in Science as a literal god, one who performs miracles through normal physical processes. The beggar in the street who lost his arm has been healed through the grace of Science, granted a mechanical substitute. He is now better than human, his arm a symbol of the might of Science, and he proselytizes without end to all who will listen. Those who don’t, are pronounced “Very Unscientific”, and meet the business end of his mechanical arm.

The priests and acolytes of Science wear long white coats as their normal dress, with black gloves covering their hands. Their bodies are covered with intricately patterned tattoos, depicting double-helices, elliptical orbits, and other designs of scientific import. During the rituals of Science, the head priest will stand on stilts, elevating his height to 12 or more feet, hiding the stilts under a ridiculously long white lab coat. He will have his ceremonial safety goggles on as he chants the liturgies: “Dihydrogen monoxide!” and “A squared plus B
squared equals C squared!”
or “Pyridine-3-carboxylic acid!”

Like The Church of Starry Wisdom, the Temple of Science! does not have clerics or priests with divinely granted magic. Instead they dogmatically practice their robotics and seek to perfect human frailties through surgeries and mechanical augmentation.

Gods and Cults

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